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The Tishrine Block is also located in the North Eastern area of Syria approximately 120km South of Oudeh Block. Production from the block commenced in 1978 by the Syrian Petroleum Company, SPC. The block was operated by SPC from production onset to July 2003. Dublin Petroleum International (Syria) Ltd. (“Dublin”), started operating the Tishrine Block under a Production Sharing Agreement, PSA, ratified by the Syrian government on November 30th 2004. Under this agreement Dublin had five years to appraise the Tishrine and Sheikh Mansour Blocks and conduct field trials, decide on whether to continue with the contract and enter into a Joint Operating Company, JOC, and, if decided prepare a Field development Plan in conjunction with the JOC for approval by SPC. When approved, the JOC has the license to develop and operate the Tishrine and Sheikh Mansour Blocks until July 2023 with an optional five year extension. During the development phase Dublin shall supply all funds necessary for operations.
As with Oudeh Block, at the end of the five year appraisal period Dublin elected to enter the development phase and informed SPC. 
The joint operating company named Tishrine Operating Company (TOC) was formed, however it was agreed with all concerned parties that Oudeh Operating Company, (OPC), would operate the both Oudeh and Tishrine Fields for the remainder of the Contract.
In December 2008 SINOPEC subsidiary, Sinopec International Petroleum Exploration and Production Corporation (SIPC) purchased 100% of Dublin Petroleum International (Syria) Ltd and as a result replaced Dublin with SIPC and become the joint partner with SPC.

During 2009 & 2010 SIPC retained the majority of Dublin employees has engaged in a process of integration and knowledge transfer, particularly from the G&G group previously employed by Dublin. During this transition period in conjunction with GPC, SIPC has also progressed in the restructuring of OPC to take the Company forward for the remainder of the operating period.


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