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Oudeh Petroleum Company (OPC) currently has a manpower resource of over 500 professional and skilled employees working in the Tishrine and Oudeh Oilfields and in the Head Office in Damascus. Its Human Resources strategy is closely aligned to the needs of the business; the main aim is to ensure that OPC has the qualified professionals it needs to achieve its business goals.
The international ownership of the company is reflected in the demographic makeup of our workforce. The majority of employees are Syrian Nationals and are complimented by Expatriate Nationals from China, Europe, Australia as well as North and South America. This mix of nationalities, professional experience and knowledge makes OPC a vibrant and culturally diverse organization to work in. OPC is also an organization where the transfer of knowledge and skills of our Expatriate professionals to our Syrian National employees is actively undertaken. OPC is committed to offering to all its employees; a unique professionally rewarding working environment.

All of our employees are sourced from our Shareholders owned or affiliate companies; our shareholders being GPC and SINOPEC. OPC is committed to the training and development of all of its employees and to provide the opportunities needed for personal and professional growth and self realization.
Our annual training plan, developed from our detailed training needs analysis program, is supported not only by the abilities of our “in-house’ training team but also on the training knowledge and facilities of training providers located in Syria and worldwide. Having the ability to draw on the vast training resources available through our SINOPEC affiliate companies; we are assured that our training programs are up to date, meaningful and effective.
Our Engineering Graduate training program affords much needed relevant oil sector specific development opportunities to fresh graduates embarking on their career in the Oil and Gas industry. This program will ensure that not only OPC will have skilled professionals in the future but also the Syrian Oil and Gas sector in general.
Other companies strive to be an Employer of choice. We at OPC consider that we are indeed worthy of already being considered so.


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