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The OPC procurement and contract department is responsible for the sourcing and supply of the company’s goods and services as required for efficient and cost effective running of the company. Goods and services provided range from complete drill rig packages to the nuts and bolts that hold the pipelines together.
The department consists of approximately 25 people consisting of a mixture of Syrian nationals, GPC secondees and expatriate staff. The day to day tasks of the department include vendor prequalification, sourcing activities, expediting, customs clearance and transport of the goods to the oilfields.
One of the main focuses of the department is efficient and cost effective buying of goods and services to ensure that the best value for money is achieved for the venture. This requires application of worlds best practice methodology, total quality management, in depth vendor capability analysis, total life of purchase costing, category and spend analysis, building of supplier relationships and effective contract negotiation.

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The department provides management support and in depth analysis of yearly spend and forward looking budgetary information, ensuring that the ongoing planning of projects and exploration is managed in a financially efficient and transparent manner.
This is followed up with conscientious expediting and inspection functions, both internationally and locally, working with the company’s suppliers to produce a quality and cost effective product that will serve the requirements of the company and deliver value across the life of the fields.
The procurement department has a monthly spend of approximately 1,500,000.00 USD, producing about 25 purchase orders per month. The main categories are OCTG, Pumping Equipment and Major Construction items. These categories can be broken down into various large ticket items such as casing, down hole pumping equipment and electrical power distribution equipment. The contracting department provides the various support services and requirements required to commission, install, maintain and operated the various technical functions of the oil fields.

The contracting and procurement departments work within the various policies and regulations, hand in hand with the company’s stakeholders, management and regulatory bodies to ensure efficient and cost effective sourcing of goods and materials. The delivery of this vital lifeblood of the company is a collaborative effort by all departments and staff, and reaches to all corners of the company. The delivery of the outcomes of the department is greater than the sum of its parts.

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